Manchester United: Making up the Team

With a disappointing season of 2013-14 Manchester united, under new management, now looking to fresh up their whole squad. news are there for their peruse of toni kroos, vidal and carvalho. while at the same time they are looking for sanchez as well with other premier league club.

for a team like united they have to make a strong midfield and defense. both Rooney and Persie are available as attacking option. with the players like Mata, and Rooney with very good passing and driblling ability Kroos won’t be a good option to through money, since he has the same attributes as Mata and Rooney.

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Role of Suarez at Barcelona

Now with the news of suarez departure from anfield are coming we must look into the his role at FC Barcelona. Suraez is a tallented and agressive player and his prefered position is to play as center forward which is same as messi. But his ability to create the goals, besides scoring, can help him setting at any club.


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MUFC Players Lack Confidence..

Looking back to the past few years, Manchester United remains one of the top teams of the english Premier League. The team lead by Sir Alex Furguson is the same as it is now. The only change is the retirement of Scholes. Even then players are unable to get their previous form.
The stats for the united’s match against fulham clearly depict that it were neither the no of shots nor the no of chances created by the crosses going to be resulted in a draw. Possession was 75% for United. Minimum score that is to be expected from these stats is 3-1 to united in this form.
The ultimate reason for this is the lack of confidence shown by the players. Chances are created but not finished at the end. 81 crosses were made in 90 minutes. What else they can expect from David Moyes’. Only 18/81 crosses were completed. Only 9/31 Shots were on target.

“It looks like teams are more confident when they come here to play against us. But I’m sure we will change that because, at the moment, we are playing without all our confidence.”says Luis Naniluis-nani

Fulham’s first point against top 10 teams(Match Report)

David Moyes and Rene Meuelensteen were fighting from the nearly opposite sides of the Premier league Table. United and Fulham, both desperately needed three points for their run in the premier league. The first goal was scored by Fulham’s Captain Steve Sidwell
“It was hard. It’s never easy coming here so hopefully we can kick on now for the rest of the season.” says Sidwell after the match

United was not so active untill the first half. That is so embarrasing for a team to be dependent on a teenage player. But it is the reality, that the game was turned on to United when Adnan Januzaj entered the game. United was on the attacks in the second half. Then in the 77th minute excellent cross made by Juan Mata and was converted by Van Persie. In a minute after that Michael Carrick converted a rebound on the corner of the net by deflection.

94 minutes in the game, Fulham scored an equilizer at a counter attack. Bent scored a goal with a header into the open net on the rebound by De Gea. 81 crosses were made by united and only 18 were completed.

The only Man Utd players NOT to put in a cross were David De Gea and Nemanja Vidic.

Match Stats were as follows:

Liverpool Needs a Solid Defence

With a marvelous(5-1) win to Liverpool against Arsenal, It was deadly felt by the livrpool fans that they need a strong defense and then they are invincible. The game they played was like the old Liverpool but even then there were flaws in the defense.Martin-Skrtel_28177

Although Martin Skrtel plays very well but he cannot be considered reliable for the defense against the strong teams. When we look at the left and right backs, which make the key role at the crosses, only Cissokho is reliable. Yet Liverpool Football club is looking for the winger.

“We need players who can come in now and help us. Salah’s a talent, but we need to have several targets lined up.I’d rather use young players at the club and wait than bring in squad players for the sake of it”
Liverpool v Arsenal - Barclays Premier League

Their bid for Salah and Koloplyanka shows that Brendon Rodgers definitely needs a left wing in his team. But They already have Rahim Stirling at the position and is performing well in the team. If they want to replace it, they need to have any experienced player at the position.